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Why Choose Beville Engineering?

Beville Engineering is a refinery and petrochemical industry leader in the field of human factors engineering and analysis services. We specialize in the analysis of operator performance issues and have contracted with nearly all the major petrochemical companies, from one end of the globe to the other.

From workload studies to the review and design of control room alarms and displays, Beville Engineering stays busy with fast-paced, hands-on projects. Based on the knowledge and skills acquired during the past three decades, Beville has developed many new methodologies that have become industry standards.

Beville has enabled numerous oil refineries, chemical/gas plants and pipelines to substantially reduce costs and improve performance associated with staffing management and man-machine interface issues. In addition, Beville has helped many companies diminish safety issues through our analytic approaches to solving human performance problems.

Beville's approach is one of tailoring our services to our clients' needs, rather than trying to adjust our clients to fit our methods.

We implement an on-site, hands-on approach to gauge the causes of problems, and then seek to solve the problems through the manipulation of various workload and human performance variables.

We have been to hundreds of locations like yours, and we have seen and solved the problems that can arise from inequalities in staffing alignment, alarm and display issues, and poorly designed control rooms. As a result of that experience, we are adept at quickly identifying the true issues and finding solutions that will enhance plant safety and save money, often with minimal expenditure.

We aim to provide results quickly so the client can start reaping the benefits of the suggested changes immediately.  Our one-day plant audit is a good starting point if a client knows there are issues but cannot determine the root cause.


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This year's Fall meeting for the Center for Operator Performance will be October 24-26 in Corpus Christi. For more information, please contact Lisa Via. Guests are always welcome!


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