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David A. Strobhar, PE
David Strobhar is the founder and president of Beville Engineering. With over thirty-five years of experience analyzing operator performance issues in process control, he is the principal technology advisor for Beville. He is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and serves on the Engineering Advisory Board for the College of Engineering at Wright State University. He is an accomplished speaker and the author of many papers, including the “Intelligent Alarm Management” chapter in the Instrument Engineer's Handbook. He has given seminars to every major oil company in the design of alarms and displays for distributed control systems.

Mr. Strobhar has a degree in Human Factors Engineering and is a registered professional engineer in the state of Ohio. He began his career at GPU Nuclear, analyzing the accident at their Three Mile Island Nuclear Station. Recognizing a need for human factors in the petroleum industry, he founded Beville Engineering in 1983. Since that time, the company has become the leading human factors consultant to the petrochemical industry. He has gained vast knowledge on petrochemical processing, allowing him to better understand, and solve, human performance issues.

Lisa C. Via
Lisa Via has over twenty years’ experience at Beville Engineering. She currently serves the company as the Technical Director, working closely with the project engineers and support staff to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality product. With former experience as a lead engineer, she has gained the technical experience needed to help analyze human performance issues in process control. Her project experience includes ConocoPhillips, Sunoco, Flint Hills Resources, Shell Canada, and BP Chemical, among others.

Ms. Via has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Factors Engineering. In addition to the experience she has gained at Beville, she also worked for seven years in Information Technology, providing human factors design in the development of software applications.

Kimberly Elkins
Kim Elkins has been with Beville Engineering since 1994. She is the Manager of the Data/Technology Team, responsible for supporting engineers throughout a project. Through her efforts, Beville has been able to more quickly and thoroughly analyze data, allowing the engineers more time to focus on the implications of their findings and customer’s ancillary issues.

Ms. Elkins is responsible for Beville’s vast databases, using the latest technology to maintain information. She is Beville’s Webmaster and the focal point for all data-related issues.

Jill E. Toto
Jill Toto joined Beville Engineering in 2003. She is a Lead Engineer, responsible for applying human factors techniques and Beville methodologies to resolve client issues. This involves collecting and analyzing project data and assisting in the preparation of information for reports and presentations. Ms. Toto has performed steady-state and upset workload studies for BP Chemical, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Valero. She has also conducted numerous alarm response analyses for Flint Hills Resources, Koch Industries and Sunoco Inc.

Ms. Toto has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University.

Andrew Neidigh
Andrew Neidigh joined Beville Engineering in 2010. He is one of Beville’s Staff Engineers whose responsibilities include onsite client data collection and data analysis. Mr. Neidigh has performed steady-state and/or upset workload studies for ChevronPhillips , ConocoPhillips, BP, Shell, and Tesoro.

Mr. Neidigh holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Dayton.



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David Strobhar's book, "Human Factors in Process Plant Operation," is now available in both hardcover and Kindle e-book.

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