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Aiming for Operator Excellence: 
Occupational Health & Safety
Bring Your Procedures into the 21st Century
Chemical Processing, pp. 28-31 (Aug. 2015)
Chemical Processing
Build Operator Expertise Faster:
Following a few do's and don'ts can significantly speed learning. (2009)
Chemical Processing
Call a COP:
Need help staffing your operations? Consider the Center for Operator Performance. (2008)
Automation World
Center Aims To Boost Pipeline Controller Performance: 
Pipeline & Gas Journal
Center for Operator Performance Presentation at NPRA Meeting:
This is a Featured Audio interview with David Strobhar (5:24 minutes). (2011)
Changing Workforce Drives Control Room Modernization:
Process industries are experiencing many challenges on many fronts: modernization projects, a younger workforce, data integration, new workflows. These drivers are asking control rooms to evolve and expand with the help of mobile and collaboration technologies. (2013)
Automation World
Collaboration Picks up Speed:
Industry and academia pull together harder (2010)
Chemical Processing
Console Operator Staffing Workload and Automation:  
ISA Automation Week (2012)
Consortium Reports New Findings on Alarm Rates:
 New research funded by the Center for Operator Performance shows that process operators may perform better at high alarm rates when alarms are grouped by priority, rather than chronologically. (2010)
Automation World
Control Systems, Oh, No...Not Again!:
The Process Industries Have Been Faced with a Continuing Series of Refinery, Chemical Plant, Mining and Even Food Plant Disasters. These Continue to Happen with Distressing Regularity. Who's at Fault? It's the Culture, Not the Control Systems. (2010)
Control Global
David Strobhar: Breaking Down Human Language:
This is a Featured Audio interview with David Strobhar (6 minutes). (2011)
DCS Console Operator Issues in Related Industries:
 2011 TAPPI PEERS Conference, Portland OR, Oct 2-5 2011 (2011)
Do You Have HMI Design Backward?
 Control Design, pp. 43-44 (Jan. 2016)
How Good is Your Operator's Mental Model?: 
How Many Alarms Can An Operator Handle:
Two recent studies provide insight. (2011)
Chemical Processing
How to Build a Better Operator - ABB Automation & Power World:
Collaborative research effort looks for keys to improved effectiveness. (2012)
Human Factors Issues in Oil and Chemical Processing
Presented at the American Nuclear Society Conference, San Diego, CA (Jul. 2012)
Impact of Alarm Rates and Interface Design on Operator Performance:
The Center for Operator Performance, Dayton, Ohio, funded recent research into the effects of different alarm rates and interface designs on operator performance. Statistically significant effects were found. In this podcast interview, recorded on April 16, 2010, Managing Editor Wes Iversen discusses the results with David Strobhar, chief human factors engineer at Beville Engineering, Dayton, and a member of the Center. (2010)
Automation World
Improving Human Effectiveness: 
Automation World
In Pursuit of Improved Operator Performance:
From Fighter Planes to Nuclear Power (2008)
Control Global
Leadership Focus Podcast: Improving Operator Performance:
The people who control chemical processes (the operators) must monitor more equipment and have less hands-on experience with the process, making it harder for them to be effective. Traci Purdum, Chemical Processing's senior digital editor, talks with Dave Strobhar -- principal human factors engineer for Beville Engineering. Dave is also a guiding light behind the Center for Operator Performance. (2010)
Chemical Processing
Man & Machine: Procedures for Protecting Plants and Refineries:
Featured Audio Interview #1 with David Strobhar (9:33 minutes)
Modularizing Emergency Procedures for Increased Ease of Use and Updating:
NPRA 2011 Annual Meeting, product # AM-11-44 (2011)
Operator Interfaces Expand Human Factors: 
Automation World
Operator Interfaces: Moving from Comfortable to Most Effective:
Continuous process industries have spent almost 20 years analyzing how control system interfaces and alarm management policies help or hinder plant performance. So what are the best practices, and why arenít they being implemented? (2012)
Automation World
Operator Performance as a Function of Alarm Rate and Interface Design:
WBF Make2Profit Conference, Austin, TX, May 24-26, 2010 (2010)
Operator Performance Gets Better:
Prioritized Data, Simpler Displays, Human-Factors-Designed Equipment, Fatigue-Reduction Efforts, Alarm Planning and Other Tools Can All Improve Situational Awareness and Operator Performance. So How Much Do You Need of Each? (2013)
Control Magazine
Operator Performance Research Put into Practice: 
Emerson Process Experts
Operator Performance Takes Center Stage:
 Industry/university alliance aims to address human factors in process control. (2008)
Chemical Processing
Operator Training Gains Ground:
Initiatives build on established methods as well as emerging technology. (2011)
Chemical Processing
Operators Get More Help:
Efforts aim to provide insights and tools to boost performance. (2009)
Chemical Processing
Service Extraction from Operator Procedures in Process Industries:
2011 DESRIST Conference (2011)
Simple, Strong and Easy-to-Use:
User-Centered Design Makes Operators More Aware of Their Processes and Better Able to Respond Fast (2010)
Control Global
Succession Planning:
Avoid a Dumb Move: Stinting on capturing the expertise of departing employees is a false economy. (2009)
Chemical Processing
Teach Operators to Make the Right Decisions Under Fire: 
The Keys to Operator Performance:
Operator error rates double on the ninth day of work after eight days of consistent performance. (2012)
User Centered Design at Work: 
Control Global



This year's Fall meeting for the Center for Operator Performance will be October 24-26 in Corpus Christi. For more information, please contact Lisa Via. Guests are always welcome!


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